Music is used each day to help the pace of the classroom, whether it is soothing for quiet time or lively for wiggle time. We use our music suite next to the playground to introduce rhythm instruments, listen for pitch and notes, beat awareness, improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills, and to develop a love of music. It is a fun place to build confidence, self-esteem, and pre-reading skills.

Field Trips

Our field trips are designed to be age appropriate for each class. It is an opportunity for parents to participate in their child's learning experience by joining us. Our parents are asked to serve as chaperones and adhere to all CDC policies. 


Art is a part of our classroom activities each week. The children are introduced to artists, styles, colors, techniques, drawing, materials, shapes and colors using scissors, glue, string, tissue paper, sponges, brushes, fingers, forms, clay, markers, chalk, watercolors, tempura paint, and more.


Our classes do experiments and hands on activities. It is a great place to explore and learn about God’s creation during our language development time.

Outdoor Play

All children play outdoors on a daily basis as weather permits. Send a jacket, hat and gloves in cold/windy weather. Children are required to stay with their class during outdoor time.

Show and Tell

Your child will have the opportunity to bring an item to class for show and tell on designated days.
Please assist your child in choosing an appropriate item, not a family treasure or breakable glass. Items that should never be sent to school include, but are not limited to: toy guns, knives, ropes, toys of great value.

Enrollment Forms

Download and print the file that applies to your child's admission status.  Fill out all the forms except for the affidavit and medical release (for new applicants).  
These forms will be signed in front of the CDC Administrator or representative.

Admission Policy

In order to be considered for admission, the following
requirements must be met:

All forms are completed and returned:

  1. Application for admission
  2. Health Immunization Record
  3. Child's Medical Report
  4. Emergency Medical Release Form
  5. Affidavit on Non-Licensure Status
  6. Field Trip Permission
  7. Photo release
The First Baptist Child Development Center reserves the right to accept, decline, dismiss or make exceptions to any student with or without cause at the CDC Director/ Preschool Minister's discretion. Children must meet classroom habit requirements by second week of school.

Non-refundable registration fee paid with application - $125.00 

Half Day Classes Offered
7:55 am - 11:30am

Full Day Classes Offered 
7:00 am - 4:00 pm or 4:45 pm