Our goal at the First Baptist Child Development Center is to provide a well-rounded ministry of nurturing for your child, as well as a system of encouragement and support for parents and grandparents.  We have an excellent team of teachers and parents who work together to provide the very best environment for our children, whether they are enrolled in the Preschool/Kindergarten or our Mother’s
Morning Out Program.

We would love for your child to become a part of our Child Development Center family. Please contact the CDC office at 567-3319 with any questions that you may have. Applications are accepted and tours given 9-11am throughout the week . All of the CDC staff look forward to helping your child reach his or her greatest potential.
If you are new to the area and are looking for a church home, we invite you to visit with us.
There is a place for you and your children at First Baptist Church.

In His Service,
Cathy Sanford, FBCW Preschool Minister

About Us

We seek to provide a stimulating environment to meet the needs and abilities of each child. We will work to provide growth in all areas of development:
  • Physical - Through outdoor and indoor play activities, children are encouraged to develop their large and small motor skills
  • Mental - Age appropriate centers, games, and activities are planned to enhance academic development.
  • Social - Interaction with other children through free and structured play is teacher guided to develop appropriate social behavior.
  • Emotional - A safe and loving environment with daily successes are provided to build confidence and positive self-esteem.
  • Spiritual - Through Bible lessons, stories and staff interaction, children hear about Jesus’ love for them. 
Each day is planned to give a broad range of experiences that help
develop a positive self-image.
A typical preschool day is arranged to provide a balance between quiet and active periods. These are the various activities your preschooler will experience.
  • Large Group - Unit work, calendar, weather, creative movement, prayer, and music.
  • Small Group - Reading, writing, math, language, science, health, safety, and social studies.
  • Individual - Follow instructions and reinforce individuals skills.
  • Free Time - Free choice of activities, manipulative games, blocks and art.
  • Quiet Time - Listen to stories.
  • Outdoor play - Games, free play, and directed activities.
  • Enrichment - Weekly chapel time, field trips, class visitors, science experiments, music class, art and library visits.