Emergency Policy
Your child’s safety is vitally important. Scheduled fire and tornado drills are conducted to prepare teachers and children in case of an emergency.
 For dates of drills, please see your CDC Calendar.

The following procedures will be used in case of an emergency at the Center.

Tornado Warning
1.  Children will be moved to an approved room or hall area.
2.  Children will be instructed to kneel down facing the wall with their hands covering their neck.
3.  Children will remain in the designated area until the warning has been lifted.
4.  If the tornado warning interferes with departure time, children will not be released until the warning has been lifted.  
5.  If you choose to pick up your child during a warning, he/she must be signed out in the Director’s office.
  6.  When the warning is lifted, and the building is clear, the children will return to their normal schedule.

Freezing Conditions
The CDC may be closed during inclement weather. You will be notified through your Brightwheel app.
You may be called for early pickup if there is threatening weather.

Children will move to a designated area away for the building in case of fire. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible if children need to be picked up.

Board of Education Services
The Elmore County Board of Education has notified First Baptist Child Development Center that special education and related services are available for disabled children attending our center. Three, four and five year olds may receive psychological, speech and/or language impairment evaluation and service by certified personnel of the Board of Education. Parents may request an evaluation. Your child’s teacher may recommend classroom observation by a BOE therapist as a prerequisite to an evaluation.

Volunteers are a vital part of a successful program. There are many areas throughout the CDC that provide opportunities for you to help. Your child’s teacher may have special projects that require extra help such as picture day, art projects, parties, recognitions, book fair, awards, etc. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your child’s teacher or the CDC office.

First Baptist Church Ministry Team & CDC Faculty
Our Child Development Ministry Team consists of seven church members. This team works with the CDC Director in the planning and operation of CDC ministries. The staff of the CDC is carefully selected. Background checks are required for all CDC employees and volunteers, including personnel not in the classrooms.
Throughout the year, our staff participate in the continuing education through workshops, classes and conferences. We strive to provide the best environment and instruction for your child by maintaining a staff of highly qualified caregivers and educators. If you are interested in substituting in a classroom, a background check must be conducted in advance.
Contact the CDC office to fill out the proper paperwork and we will add your name to our substitute teacher list.